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How To Turn Off and on PS4 Safe Mode Update System Software

How To Turn Off and on PS4 Safe Mode Update System Software

PS4 Sae Mode is a special mode you can use to troubleshoot your PS4 problems. When you use Safe Mode, your PS4 will only have the bare minimum of features and functions enabled, which can help you fix your PS4 issues. In this article, we will discuss everything about PS4 Safe Mode, including what it is, how to use it, how you can turn on and off safe mode and what you can do with it.

What is the Safe Mode of PS4?

A diagnostic mode called “Safe Mode” you can use to diagnose PS4 problems. Only use this mode when advised to do so by a PlayStation support article or a member of the Sony support team. It is intended to address firmware-related problems with the PS4 system. Before attempting any choices from the Safe Mode menu, we strongly advise backing up your PS4 system data to an external hard drive, USB storage device, or online storage due to the possibility of data loss.

Here are the options available in Safe Mode:

  • Restart PS4: This option will restart your PS4 console.
  • Change Resolution: This option will change the resolution of your PS4 display.
  • Update System Software: Selecting this option will download the most recent version of the PS4’s operating system.
  • Restore Default Settings: By selecting this option, the PS4’s default settings will be reinstated.
  • Rebuild Database: By selecting this option, a new database of all the material on the PS4’s hard drive will be created.

How to activate safety mode

Observe these steps to launch Safe Mode:

  • Hold down the Power button after turning off your PlayStation 4. 
  • Use your controller’s PS button.
  • The Safe Mode menu screen ought to appear at this point.


How to disable “Safe Mood”

You may exit Safe Mode and return to regular operation of your PS4 in a few different ways if you find yourself there. Restarting your PS4 is one option. By doing this, you may exit Safe Mode and restart your PS4 normally. 

Check Resolution

You might need to boot your PlayStation 4 into safe mode if it’s experiencing problems that you can’t seem to resolve. You may utilize Safe Mode, a unique diagnostic mode, to repair a variety of problems with your PS4. Only the most necessary functionality will be available when you start your PS4 in Safe Mode, which might assist you in troubleshooting the problems you’re experiencing.

Check the below information;

1) Press the power button on your PS4 for about 7 seconds.

2) Connect your PS4 controller to your PS4 using a USB cable.

3) Use your controller’s PS button.

4) Choose the option to Change Resolution.

5) To confirm, press the X button.

6) Safe Mode will now launch when your PS4 restarts.

7) Simply switch off your PS4 and then turn it back on to leave Safe Mode.


System Update 

There are several reasons why your PS4 can be in safe mode.

One approach to exit Safe Mode is to update the system software.

You may use this option to manually update the system software on your PS4 through a direct download, USB storage device, or disc, or you can update your PS4 in Safe Mode using this method.

You may fix a lot of PS4 bugs and issues by changing your system firmware. If your PS4 is having problems and you cannot update it frequently, you may utilize this option to update it in Safe Mode.

Make it back to default

If your PlayStation 4 is frozen and won’t start up, one way to try and fix it is to put it into Safe Mode. This will boot up your PS4 with only the most basic functions working, which might be enough to fix the issue and get your console working again. This is the procedure.


first, Be sure your PS4 is totally off before you do anything else. Once you hear two beeps, continue to hold down the power button. Your console will enter Safe Mode after doing this. Your PS4 will be restored to its factory default settings, which might resolve the problem you were experiencing.

You may also try rebuilding your PS4’s database or recovering your console from a previous backup via the Safe Mode menu if that doesn’t work. You may always factory reset your PS4 if nothing else works, however this will erase all of your data.


If your PS4 console isn’t working,correctly you can try a few different fixes. If none of those as mentioned earlier advice has worked, you will need to have a professional look at your PS4 system. Because it will probably still be less expensive than buying a new console, this is something that is worth checking into. Hopefully this article will help you a lot to know about everything about PS4 safe mood freature.  

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